SFUN: Solar For Universal Need

By: sungevity, 11:41 PM GMT am 26. April 2012

If you're reading this, you have access to electricity. High five, that is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of people in the world don't. Electricity to most of us who have it is a matter of comfort -- it means cold beers, hot showers, and infinite youtube videos of cats. (Rock on, piano kitty) To those who don't have it, access to electricity means something a little bit different. It means proper education because children can do homework at...


How We Do It

By: sungevity, 08:27 PM GMT am 23. April 2012

You probably already know that solar energy works, is right here right now, and is already helping thousands of people save money and the environment. You might also have heard that Sungevity is leading the way by doing everything imaginable to make it easy, affordable and fun for families to power their lives with sunshine. In fact, you might have already gone solar yourself! But – you may not know exactly how we do it. We made this picture to show how we spread ...

Updated: 08:27 PM GMT am 23. April 2012

Our iQuote’s Fresh New Feel (Just in time for Spring!)

By: sungevity, 08:26 PM GMT am 23. April 2012

Sungevity revolutionized solar with the iQuote. We built it to be an instant, internet-based, interactive solar quote that would use satellite imagery to show a picture of your house with solar on it. All of this, produced for free in under a day. We knew that if solar were going to spread it would need to be fun and engaging to learn about, be easy, and above all, not take much time. We built it for you. And you responded! Thousands upon thousands of you have reque...

Updated: 08:28 PM GMT am 23. April 2012

Sungevity Receives Bike-Friendly Business Award (ring-ring!)

By: sungevity, 08:25 PM GMT am 23. April 2012

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition just awarded us the Bike-Friendly Business Award! Here’s what they say: “How has Sungevity created such a bike-friendly environment? We heard from dozens of Sungevity employees and many spoke to the company culture where biking is an integral part of a solar-powered, human-powered, “no fossil-fuel” mission. And Sungevity gets the infrastructure piece right too. The company provides a 1,200 square foot bike room with enough room...

Solar University

By: sungevity, 08:24 PM GMT am 23. April 2012

ASU is breaking ground as the most solar university in the United States, covering just about everything the brutal desert sun hits with electricity-harvesting silicon cells. And we mean everything — buildings, parking lots, classrooms — even students’ faces! All right, maybe not quite that far. Artist’s impression of what Face Solar would look like It’s quite impressive — almost 30% of ASU’s daytime power needs are from sunlight now! They get it. Whil...

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