Marine Weather for HS 024

subj/high wind and seas warning for Mediterranean and black sea
rmks/1. This warning is valid for 211200z Jan 2017.
2. Warnings are for over water areas only but may overlap some land
   and sheltered areas and have been simplified to ease plotting.
3. High wind warnings based on 024 hrs forecast.
   A. Gale warning: area of 35 kt gale and greater over water bounded by:
42.0n6 007.1e8, 41.9n4 005.3e8,
41.5n0 004.1e5, 41.2n7 003.2e5, 40.9n3 001.9e0,
40.4n8 000.8e8, 39.5n7 000.5e5, 38.8n9 000.6e6,
38.5n6 001.7e8, 38.7n8 003.7e0, 38.8n9 005.5e0,
39.0n2 006.7e3, 38.6n7 008.6e4, 38.1n2 010.2e3,
37.3n3 011.8e0, 37.7n7 012.4e7, 38.8n9 012.1e4,
39.6n8 011.1e3, 40.2n6 010.2e3, 40.9n3 009.0e9,
41.4n9 008.2e0, 42.0n6 007.1e8,
Max gale 40kt near 40.3n7 005.7e2.
4. High seas warnings based on 024 hrs forecast.
   A. Seas 12 ft or greater bounded by:
36.4n3 015.4e0, 36.0n9 015.8e4,
35.3n1 015.7e3, 34.9n6 015.0e6, 35.2n0 013.4e8,
36.0n9 012.3e6, 36.4n3 012.2e5, 36.9n8 011.6e8,
37.3n3 010.9e0, 37.5n5 009.7e6, 37.6n6 008.7e5,
37.9n9 006.9e5, 38.1n2 006.3e9, 38.2n3 004.6e0,
38.0n1 003.8e1, 37.9n9 002.9e1, 37.4n4 001.4e5,
37.3n3 000.6e6, 38.1n2 000.0e0, 38.6n7 000.2e2,
39.1n3 000.4e4, 39.9n1 000.6e6, 40.2n6 001.1e2,
40.9n3 001.6e7, 41.3n8 002.5e7, 41.6n1 003.2e5,
42.3n9 003.9e2, 42.5n1 004.2e6, 42.8n4 005.2e7,
42.9n5 006.0e6, 43.0n7 007.1e8, 43.0n7 007.5e2,
42.9n5 007.8e5, 42.1n7 008.1e9, 41.4n9 008.2e0,
40.8n2 008.0e8, 39.9n1 008.0e8, 39.2n4 008.2e0,
38.7n8 008.5e3, 38.6n7 009.2e1, 38.6n7 009.7e6,
38.2n3 011.5e7, 37.7n7 012.0e3, 37.4n4 012.6e9,
36.8n7 013.4e8, 36.5n4 014.4e9, 36.4n3 015.4e0,
Max seas 17ft near 38.5n6 006.9e5.
5. A graphical representation of this warning can be found at
     a. Nipr: 00z https://pki.Weather.Navy.Mil/center/winds_and_seas/warnings/wwmm30.Png
              12z https://pki.Weather.Navy.Mil/center/winds_and_seas/warnings/wwmm31.Png
     b. Sipr: 00z http://www.Weather.Navy.Smil.Mil/center/winds_and_seas/warnings/wwmm30.Png
              12z http://www.Weather.Navy.Smil.Mil/center/winds_and_seas/warnings/wwmm31.Png
6. Next scheduled warning will be 220000z.//

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