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By: HAARP , 06:04 PM GMT am 20. Oktober 2008

What is going on with global warming...it seems its a dead topic now?

I thought our exhaling Co2 was going to burn us up in 10 years?

am I missing something?

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15. MNTornado
07:42 PM GMT am 12. Februar 2009
Things have not quieted down as you suggest. If you look at the weather goings on all around the world, you will see that many parts of it are having abnormal weather. Things have apparently swung a little back towards normal here in the states, but they are having tremendous heat waves in Australia and rare to unheard of storms in Europe. And to top things off, you may have heard that they are having some serious wild fires in Southeastern Australia that make the California wild fires look like camp fires. One of the folks that I've made friends with in Australia, AKA: OZ, lives in Southern OZ and has told me that the fires to her East are producing so much smoke as to reach her area of the continent. As I understand it, one of the reasons for last year being so active was because of the La-Nina cycle. According to Dr. Master's we may be on our way to another one, but so far it's been a lot quieter as you noted.

By the way, in my humble opinion, the term Global Warming has been misused and abused so badly that most people don't even know what it really means. From what I've studied thus far, Global Warming is a necessary element to our survival on this planet. It's the process of the atmosphere holding in the heat from the planet and the sun so that we don't freeze to death like we would in outer space with out protection. What all the debate by the scientists has been about, and misreported by the media, is whether the increase of CO2 is causes a rise in the average world temperature, AKA global temperature. From what I'm learning, mans activities can and have influenced the temperatures over periods of time, but not just from the release of CO2. Mismanagement of land resources and dumping of pollutants into the water, which goes into the ground also, and air and the excessive clearing of trees and bad farming method have also made major impacts on the climate and temperature. If you check out the period in American history during the 20's and 30's called the Dust Bowl Years, you will find out the the average temperature in much of the Midwest as well as all of America were much higher than we are seeing today. It got so bad that we had temperatures up to 130 degrees in the lower Midwest and major dust storms toward the later part of the Dust Bowel Years, thus how they got their name. This has been brought back under control with changes to land management and farming and with cloud seeding to make it rain where it had stopped raining. Note also that this period was not caused entirely by mans influence. We also had a increase in temperature that occur naturally in cycles during that period. Mans activities just serve to amplify this cycle way out of proportion.

Is CO2 a contributing factor in the current climate patterns we are seeing around the world? I would say that it's probably one of the things that is influencing it. But I also see countries like South America, China, and the Middle East making the same mistakes that we made back in the early 1900's. Those are contributing factors also. Will all this activity by man cause the climate to tip over as some are saying? I really doubt that anyone really knows. Computer Models that some of the climate scientists are running say yes, but from my know of and experience with computers, I now that the results of those computer models are only as good as the data fed into them and the way the computer model was programmed to process the data. Those same computer programs were used to push the idea the monster rouge waves were a one in a million chance of happening. Well new data as well and pictures have proven that those models were dead wrong. Rouge Waves have been proven in the last few years to happen all over the world on a fairly regular basis. In the computer world we have an expression that I think sums it up pretty good. "Garbage In Equals Garbage Out". In other words, if there is an error in the data fed into the computer or an error in the programming of it, that error will appear in the out put of the computers data process. This error can also be amplified many times the size of the original error. At this point, I have to say that no one who is honest really knows for sure what the heck is going on or why. There are a lot of theories and we do have a lot of data, but as one of the lead meteorologists at AccuWeather has stated, the worlds atmosphere is very complex and we still don't know everything we need to know about how the earth and the atmosphere interacts. And despite all the media hype, there appears to not be a 100 percent consensus on the cause of what we are seeing in the weather at this point.
I think we still need to be as aware as possible of what is going on and to learn all that we can. We also need to keep a close eye on our government leaders so that they are not talked into doing anything rash and with out good solid proof of what we need to do and what works. Even Dr. Master's has sounded a word of caution of some of the proposed activities to try to influence the climate away from Global Warming. Until we have all the data, we need to tread softly and carefully so that we don't do something that is worse than what is happening now.
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14. ScottieHarm
05:46 PM GMT am 12. Februar 2009
Evidence of the HAARP Super Weapon Ionosphering Heating Causing Tropical Storm Winds and Earthquakes

Original link:

This is a strong example of the highly-classified HAARP (High Altitude Atmospheric Research Project) Facility in Alaska, a facility that can heat the earth's Ionosphere, with over 1 billion watts of energy ! A noted geologist with an 100% rate of oil-field finding success (population size >100)only used 30 watts to peer through solid-rock with a ground penetrating radar, so imagine the potential devastation of 1,000,000,000 watts! The geologist states this for the record in the linked video below.
The. meteorologist suggests preposterously that these high winds were caused by a MAGNETAR 100's of millions of light-years from earth, when in fact this is an obvious example of the work of the HAARP super weapon that can control weather, cause earthquakes, control minds, and cause nuclear size explosions without radiation!
In the linked YouTube video below, take a look at the auroral like effects the super-heating HAARP has on the sky one hour before the quakes in China occur!

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13. sunlakedude
04:13 PM GMT am 26. Oktober 2008
Yes, MichaelSTL, the oceans appear to be absorbing large amounts of the excess CO2 that is being added to the atmosphere by human activity. But, as you noted, this is driving the PH of the oceans downward which could become another disaster unto itself. The increasingly acidic ocean water may cause mass extinctions of sea life. No matter what way you look at it, we have to slow down our fossil fuel burning with the aim at completely eliminating it at some point in the future.
One other point; outside of the U.S. where "business interests" aren't nearly as coercive as they are here, global warming is seen as an established fact, not just a "theory" as certain interests in the U.S. are still trying to portray it.
I appreciate the documentation you posted.
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9. charlesimages
06:11 AM GMT am 25. Oktober 2008
It must have died off when everyone saw the Blizzard Warnings in Kansas in October.

Could be that the sea ice is making a big return

Could be a lot of things!
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8. sunlakedude
06:06 AM GMT am 25. Oktober 2008
The only problem with this line of thinking HAARP is that most of the people who are denying that global warming is taking place have an economic or political reason to do so. The oil and coal industry and people beholden to them obviously have a bias associated with this problem and I don't take their statements seriously. What concerns me is that they are willing to risk their children's future for short term economic and politcal gain. I consider that reprehensible. We are putting enormous amounts of these greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that have been trapped in fossil fuels for eons. It makes sense that this would warm the planet. It's why the planet Venus with a 97% CO2 atmosphere has surface temperatures of ~850 degrees fahrenheit. Ouch!
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03:09 PM GMT am 23. Oktober 2008
OK I was actually just wondering why all the media hype is dying down...and its because more and more scientists are jumping off the bandwagon as more data comes out...

I have been reading a lot of opposing viewpoints and they seem to make sense but who knows...


plus even the NWS is saying arctic sea surface temps are colder than last year...


Why is some data overlooked or not taken into effect when these theories are generated?

on both sides of the equation there is huge amounts of bias and it seems like everyone is afraid to collectively look at all the data on both sides of the fence because they have too much time/money/ego invested in their theory...

Does anyone have a graph showing solar temps/activity compared to any of the other graphs we see like avg global temperature?

Also...where can I find a comprehensive list of where and how this global temperature is taken and how the information is interpreted ?

It is obvious our planet has warmed these last few decades...I just think politics/money has influenced why immensely and I think the data is skewed as its collected by the people that hold the theory that its ALL man made...

any idea on where to find those charts with the solar variables
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6. sunlakedude
02:45 AM GMT am 22. Oktober 2008
And an important thing to remember is just because one location has an early onset of fall or winter weather or an unusually cold winter does not mean that global warming is no longer real. Global warming refers to an increase in temperatures over the entire planet. It appears also that this warming is resulting in more frequent episodes of "weird weather" across the planet.
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3. outrocket
12:00 AM GMT am 22. Oktober 2008
maybe the site was turned down for a grant!!!!...lol so they let it fade:)
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2. sunlakedude
11:58 PM GMT am 21. Oktober 2008
Here's the link to the story I mentioned.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/3226747/Climate-change-is-faster-and-more-extreme-than-fe ared.html
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1. sunlakedude
06:27 PM GMT am 21. Oktober 2008
Global warming is still going on. In fact a report was released over the weekend that said that it is accelerating faster than previously stated. I don't remember what website the story was at, but nothing has changed. The Greenland ice cap is imperiled and is melting much faster than thought just a few months ago.
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