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June 6th - D Day

By: palmettobug53 , 04:33 PM GMT am 06. Juni 2012

Take a few minutes today and remember the sacrifices our armed forces made on this day 68 years ago.

I'm doing a copy/paste from an entry I put up in 2006. I hope the links still work. I'll be putting up another entry later this week.

D-Day Cemetary

I'm just going to let the picture and these links speak for themselves. Please spend a little time remembering the men that fought on this day.

Eye Witness Account

Military History Online

D-Day on the Web Check out the personal recollections at this site. This is full of different links.


Battle of Normandy

Cornelius Ryan

Normany 1944 This is an excellent site from the Encyclopedia Britannica

PBS's American Experience:D-Day

National D-Day Museum This has been recently renamed The National World War II Museum

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14. palmettobug53
04:23 PM GMT am 11. Juni 2012
Hallo, everyone.

Sorry I didn't get online this weekend. I stayed on the go and busy both Sat and Sun. By the time I could find a chance to sit down, it was bedtime.

I am clocked out at work. I'm grabbing lunch and checking the blogs. Then it will be off to the Isle of Palms to visit some cousins from Upstate. This is their annual week at the beach and I've been going out there for the last few years for one afternoon to visit and catch up on the family gossip. These are cousins on Mama's side.

I do know I'll be plunked in front of the TV tonight at 9:00 watching the Weather Channel. Their new series, Hurricane Hunters, premiers tonight.

I'm assuming that this was all filmed last season. I wonder if Randy will pop up in there somewhere? I know last season was his last; he retired.
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13. shoreacres
07:11 PM GMT am 10. Juni 2012
Afternoon, Bug,

It looks like you've got a nice afternoon going.
You're at 82, we're at 93. It's summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, for sure.

So you're off to your dad's next weekend. It seems like you were just there, but I'm sure it wasn't just last week. Time is slipping away faster and faster. I can't believe we're nearly halfway through June. I don't even feel like it's hurricane season. I'd better pay a bit more attention to getting things in order, or I could get caught in the crunch if one decides to show.

My aunt has made her move from the assisted living place. My cousin and his wife are back from DC and have closed on a new house. She moved in with them, and they're going to build-in a small apartment for her. It's a split-level with a walk-out basement, so it will work beautifully. After all her advice to Mom and me that we really should go the assisted living route, too, she's acknowledged that it probably was better for Mom that she didn't make the move. For her, the biggest problems were the food and the schedule - and the gossip! Every place is different of course, but she's not any more social than Mom was, so all the activities and such don't make any difference to her. What did make a difference is that they couldn't seem to make a decent grilled cheese sandwich.

I meant to tell you - I got one more call from one of those collectors, about the charges for medical services rendered after Mom had died.
I was ready for them. The woman asked to speak to Mom, and I said she wasn't available. I identified myself and asked if I could help. She explained that they hadn't received payment in umpty-ump months for Dr. Whozit's services, and wondered if there was an explanation. I said there certainly was - that the good doc had billed for services after the date of death. She never missed a beat - said that they would like to resolve the issue somehow. I said I'd be happy to send them a copy of the death certificate and my attorney's information by certified mail. That put an end to that!

Otherwise, all seems resolved on that front. An occasional piece of mail shows up - usually from someone wanting to see Mom life insurance or a hearing aid. I just toss it, and figure they'll either figure it out or keep spending money to send their junk mail. ;)

Hope you're having a great day. My mockingbirds have discovered they can take a bath in the water bowl - they're great entertainment while I sit here.
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12. OGal
03:15 PM GMT am 09. Juni 2012

Sandi will you come and bring the laminator to fix Bug's knee?
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11. sandiquiz
02:07 PM GMT am 09. Juni 2012
*** For Sale ***
Laminator - used once!!


Happy Saturday to you. Lots to get done if you are heading to your dad's next weekend.
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10. seflagamma
12:45 PM GMT am 09. Juni 2012
Good morning Bug,

Happy Saturday! Hope you are enjoying your first day of your weekend.

I see you went to Ogal's blog to see your alter ego.

Like you I think it is amazing that you have been traveling around like that for 5 yrs.
I fear if Sandi had not laminated you when you were with her in England your old original "paper" self probably would not have survived all this time.

I love that all this has happened; it is one of the fun things here on WU!!!

You have a great day.

Saturday Picture Cards
Saturday Pictures @ dazzlejunction.com
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9. Ylee
09:56 AM GMT am 09. Juni 2012
It's 61 here at 5AM, and I'll take every cool night I can get! Not looking forward to the nights when it struggles to get under 80, with high humidity!

Have a good weekend!
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8. palmettobug53
04:12 PM GMT am 08. Juni 2012
Hi, Gams! Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to go see what Other Bug is up to with Ogal!

Ylee, glad to be of service. I'm surprised any of the links work; this entry was from back in 2006. I didn't have much time to do research (and am still learning how to use my lappy - I'm having problems with the copy/paste function) and I wanted to get something up to commemorate the day.

I see the Columbia-Owens Airport in Columbia, SC set a record low last night and made the WU map. 62F on June 8th. That's a tad nippy for us for June!
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7. Ylee
10:03 AM GMT am 08. Juni 2012
Thanks for the Military History Online link! I can access it through work! :)

I see your "flat double" has surfaced in Orlando! :)
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6. seflagamma
07:55 PM GMT am 07. Juni 2012
Bug, you have reappeared after another one of your "trips"

You have been in Alaska for the past year and now you are back in Florida.

Go see Ogal's blog!!!
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5. palmettobug53
04:48 PM GMT am 07. Juni 2012
Happy Thursday, everyone.

Janet, I'm not sure where my head was, when I typed in June 4th instead of June 6th. Short circuit between the brain and fingers, I guess.

Pros, D Day is something I'd never forget. Without 'Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers", I wonder how many under 30's would even know much about that day?

Hi, Gams.

My Doppleganger has risen from the dead? Wonder where she is this time?

No rain today, thank heavens. And my commute home was uneventful.

we did get 2 1/2 inches at the house. I see in this morning's paper that they've changed our drought status to 'incipient', which is good.

There are four counties in severe status and nine in moderate drought status. The rest of the state is incipient.

SC Drought Map June 6, 2012
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4. seflagamma
11:46 AM GMT am 07. Juni 2012
Good morning Bug, So happy your Put this Rememberence in your blog.

I am afraid so many Americans today do not even realize just what this Day means to the World.

I hear your "other bug" went on another Vacation recently and you are going to appear
soon. What fun!

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3. Proserpina
11:05 PM GMT am 06. Juni 2012
D Day, June 6, 1944 A date to always remember, and honor our heroes.
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2. janetlee
06:15 PM GMT am 06. Juni 2012
another D-Day memoial in my hometown

hoping we get some of your rain, it was looking promising but not so much now ;/
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1. palmettobug53
04:39 PM GMT am 06. Juni 2012
Thanks to everyone that posted on my previous blog.

Sandi, I'll be checking out that video.

Shore, while I've been sidelined by computer issues, it sounds like you've been sidelined by life lately.

It is WET here today. I had to literally wade to my truck this morning when leaving for work. It was POURING.

I waited about 10 minutes to see if it would slack off but it wouldn't.

It rained hard and steady for most of the way to town. Thankfully, it was just sprinkling when I got to work. School's out, too, which lightens up traffic a good deal.

I just hope it doesn't start coming down again for the afternoon commute.
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