Back, for real this time!

By: upweatherdog, 05:33 AM GMT am 10. Juli 2011

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Back, for real this time

Hello again! I had been offline for almost two years!

In that time I have been busy. I ditched running my weather website in favor of art and woodworking.

I am actually working on starting my own woodworking company, collecting equipment and learning how to use i...


By: upweatherdog, 01:36 AM GMT am 16. Februar 2011

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________BackSorry for no updates as I have started a website and I have been working on it.Above Da Bridge WeatherA warmup is in store for the week with a cool down for the weekend. The pattern ahead looks very stormy with a southwest flow aloft. We will likely be dealing with a snowstorm on Monday into Tuesday and possibly another one at the end of next week.Winter Forecast!Well, sum...

Warmer Weather Ahead

By: upweatherdog, 03:18 AM GMT am 21. Dezember 2010

__________________________________________________________________________________________Snow TuesdayTuesday, 11:58pm, December 28th, 2010Well, once again another storm appears it will track west of the U.P, and Michigan for that matter. Seems that been the trend this year. Us folks east of the Mississippi River and west of the Appalachians just seem to not be getting any major snowstorms this year except for the lake effect belts. The main culprit is a ridge of hi...

Major Great Lakes Storm

By: upweatherdog, 04:42 AM GMT am 10. Dezember 2010

__________________________________________________________________________________________Major Great Lakes StormThursday, 11:40pm, December 9th, 2010Not much time for a discussion tonight so I will likely type on up for tomorrow. The snow falling tonight from the Alberta Clipper will come to a end with light lake effect snow later in west wind lake effect belts. Higher snowfall near 6 inches could occur over the eastern UP with southerly winds enhancing snowfall. C...

Heavy Lake Effect Snow

By: upweatherdog, 06:59 PM GMT am 05. Dezember 2010

__________________________________________________________________________________________Heavy Lake Effect for Some, Widespread Snows Possible Near End of The Week.Sunday, 2:00pm, December 5th, 2010A area of low pressure in eastern Canada has brought heavy lake effect snow to areas near Marquette and in the Western U.P with north to northwest winds. Winds have backed further west than previously expected, limiting the snowfall in areas west of Marquette. Areas arou...

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